Adventure Sports in Sikkim

An archaic land with a rich culture, close knit traditions and orthodox religion that Sikkim is, adventure also finds equal footage here. Embedded like a precious jewel in the snow clad mountains, the state of Sikkim is an ideal destination for travelers in quest of fascination, composure or adventure. A wonderland of adventure and discovery, Sikkim offers a wide array of adventure sports. Mountaineering, Trekking, River Rafting, Yak Safari, Mountain Biking and Hang Gliding are all available here.

Mountaineering in Sikkim

Affectionately cradled in the very lap of Mount Kanchendzonga, Sikkim naturally offers a unique opportunity to explore the mount all by you. Various peaks of the Mount have so far been successfully conquered by several teams. The highest peak of the Mount was though conquered in 1991 by an Indo Japanese expedition led by Hukam Singh and Yoshio Ogata. The Kabru peak was won over by C. R. Cooke in 1935. A Swiss R. Dittert conquered its Pyramid Peak in 1949. A number of other mountaineers have also conquered parts of the Mount successfully.

Trekking in Sikkim

The trek at Sikkim mainly starts with Yuksum as base. Various trekkers hut faling in the route of trekkers include Pemayangtse, Khechopalri, Yuksum, Tsokha, Dzongri, Thangshing, Zemathang, Chaurigang, Tashiding, Varsey, Yangang, Rabongla, Sang & Sikip. An individual detailed trek itinerary can also be hatched with the help of the adventure division of Sikkim Tourism.

If you are visiting Sikkim in the months between March to May or somewhere between October to December, an ideal trek may include Pemayangtse, Sangacholing, Khecheopalri, Dubdi, Sinon, Tashiding and Ralang. This period is also good for a trek including various peaks of Mount KHANGCHENDZONGA including Yuksum, Bakhim, Tsokha, Dzongri, Thanghing / Bikbari, Zemathang / Chaurigang, Goecha La, Rathong glacier and back.

River Rafting

Teesta and Rangit, the two main rivers of the land prove to be a heavenly abode for river rafting enthusiasts. A rafting expedition in Teesta takes one rafting from Makha down to Sirwani and from Sirwani to Rangpo. Another expedition at Rangit starts from Sikip and leads to Nayabazar via Melli. The state tourism can be contacted for further details about river rafting trips.

Yak Safari

One can ride the back of a Yak from Dzongri onwards. These Yak Safaris are mainly organized by Sikkim tourism on prior booking and are a truly unforgettable experience.

Mountain Biking in Sikkim

One of the recently introduced adventure sport in Sikkim is Mountain Biking. Hovering to become one of the most popular adventure sports in Sikkim in the near future, it is mainly being promoted in the Northern and Western regions of the state.

Hang Gliding in Sikkim

Sikkim Tourism has also endeavored to start an enthralling sport of Hang Gliding in North Sikkim and Jorethang in West Sikkim. This has also emerged as one of the much sought after sport by the adventure travelers.

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