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Honeymoon in Andaman Islands (Emeralds in the Sea) – If you’ve ever wondered what the earth looked like when God first created it, go down to the Andaman Islands. These shimmering emeralds in the sea way off India’s eastern coast and deep into the Bay of Bengal are largely uninhabited and far removed from any signs of civilization. Of the 572 islands that comprise the Andaman and Nicobar islands, only 38 are inhabited. And on these inhabited islands, you can be sure of the purest of air, the greenest of foliage, the bluest of waters and the whitest of beaches, anywhere in the world. In short, just the way God made it.

So how does one make the most of a honeymoon trip to the Andaman and Nicobar Islands? Cruising, scuba diving, snorkeling, trekking, or simply lazing by the sea side? A trip to the Andamans can be one of the most fulfilling holidays you would have ever taken. A lazy cruise off the harbour at Port Blair will unveil the pulsating pace of marine life around Jolly Buoy Island, underwater coral gardens off Cinque Island, the beaches of Red Skin and Havelock Islands, the volcanic Barren Island, the seat of the British administration on Ross Island, the prisons on Viper Island and the old saw mill on Chatham Island.

Activity-oriented honeymooners can take to the Andaman Water Sports Complex where there are facilities for water-skiing, windsurfing, speed boating and milder activities like paddle and row boating. You can also pitch a tent on the beach or trek through the forests with borrowed trekking equipment from the Andaman Teal House.

In addition, Neil Island, Rangat, Long Island, Mayapur, Diglipur and the Little Andaman Island possess unique natural attractions. Take your time to walk through the quiet tribal villages, white sandy beaches and mangroves, soak in the sun and the gushing waterfalls, or stand by to watch the nesting turtles. You can’t get any closer to nature than that.

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Andaman Honeymoon Packages

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