Festivals in Orissa

Orissa is home to some of the famous fairs and festivals in India. List of famous festivals of Orissa, India.

Orissa is known for its magnificent temples and culture. The traditions and culture of people in Orissa is very old and unique. Oriya’s all over the world celebrate lot of cultural fairs and festivals. These Orissa festivals are an important part of Oriya culture and traditions. Orissa offer a perfect mix of religious, cultural and tribal festivals in India. People sing and dance on this cultural events throughout the year, thus representing a unique and colorful traditions. Rath Yatra and Durga Puja are some of the major oriya festivals celebrated worldwide. List of Festivals of Orissa is very long, but we have tried to cover each and every festival in the wonderful state of East India. Check out a list of major Orissa Fairs and Festivals: