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What reins the life of a newlywed couple is an unending ardor, ever-deepening love and limitless eroticism which in turn causes the Romance between them to keep riding high like a tide. And this flame of passion can be set ablaze by planning a sensuous honeymoon in the mystical lands of India.

Sky high mountains with snow covered cliffs, meandering rivers with swaying palms on their banks, majestic waterfalls, awe inspiring sunsets, golden and white sand beaches (some of which are yet virgin), vast expanses of oceans and an exotic wildlife are an array of choices. Share the beauty and serenity of India honeymoon destinations with your loved one in your own unique style. There is much-needed seclusion, a splash of luxurious and comfortable surroundings and fragrant winds available to you. Choose any of these majestic destinations and explore the magic of the unity of two souls at any of these mystical destinations that are more than ready to cradle you in their arms.

Your dream of a perfect honeymoon can be made true by the sensual honeymoon destinations of this wonderland. Be it an eternal memory of love that is, the Taj mahal at Agra, erotic images of Khajuraho or the sensuous caves of Ajanta and Elora; all will offer a fine cutting edge to your upcoming marital bliss.

You can be the Knight with red armors and your better half can be your beloved in the wide floated gown as you enter this land of fairytales. Get indulged in the treats and activities that will offer you numerous chances to come closer to each other, serving the ultimate aim of your honeymoon.

Honeymoon in Shimla

Honeymoon in Shimla – If you are wondering where to go on your honeymoon, then we suggest that Shimla could ...
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Honeymoon in Orissa

Honeymoon in Orissa – Orissa is known for the Sun, Jagannath and Lingaraj temples located in the ‘Golden Triangle” formed ...
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Honeymoon in Ooty

Located amidst the beautiful hills of Nilgiris, Ooty is south India’s most famous hill station. This small town was once ...
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Honeymoon in Nainital

Honeymoon in Nainital – Nainital is the queen of Hill areas in North India. Located in Uttarakhand state, the place ...
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Honeymoon in Mussoorie

Mussoorie, the hill station established by the British, and famous by the legendary Ruskin Bond, and is one of most ...
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Honeymoon in Munnar

If you are a nature lover then Munnar is the perfect post-wedding romantic destination. Its rolling hills, carpeted emerald-green-tea plantations, ...
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Honeymoon in Matheran

Matheran is the smallest hill station in India and the only pedestrian hill station in Asia. Located 90 km from ...
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Honeymoon in Manali

If you love snow, skiing and other adventure activities then Manali is the place to be. Though the place has ...
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Honeymoon in Madhya Pradesh

Honeymoon in Madhya Pradesh – Madhya Pradesh, as its tag line says, is the very heart of India, and packed ...
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Honeymoon in Lakshadweep

Honeymoon in Lakshadweep Islands (Coral Wonders) – One of the leading destinations for eco-tourists, Lakshadweep is built on ancient volcanic ...
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