Kasargod Backwaters

Kasargod Backwaters : Kassarkod is surrounded by Western Ghats on its east and north stretching to Kodagu and Mangalore districts of Karnataka. Situated in northern Kerala on the seashore, backwater trips on the Chandragiri River and Valiyaparamba are enthralling. The prime sources of livelihood of the region are fishing and coir and handloom industries. Sporting a unique natural and cultural identity, Kasargod has a number of temples, forts, rivers, hills and beautiful beaches. However the Bekal fort sprawling across 35 acres of headland projecting into the Arabian Sea is the largest and the best-preserved fort of Kerala. Chandragiri cruises starting from Chandragiri Bridge on the Chandragiri River takes you through the nearby islands and palm groves.

It is known for the 17th century Chandragiri Fort, one of a chain of forts that offers picturesque views of the river and the Arabian Sea and offers a vantage point to watch the enchanting sunset. Valiyaparamba, yet another highlight of Kasargod, is perhaps the most panoramic backwater stretch in Kerala. The cute little island fed by four rivers is turning into one of the hottest picks amongst the backwater destinations. Besides offering the much-sought-after boat cruises, this seashore destination offers trips that would never fail to enchant you. For the beach lovers, Pallikere and Kappil beaches are the best spots for sunbathing, indulging in seashore and backwater activities and aquatic sports and a place for relaxation and rejuvenation.