Kerala Beaches

Kerala Beaches :¬†Along the shores of the Arabian Sea, the exotic green land of Kerala has some of the most beautiful beaches of Kerala with swaying palm trees that border the shoreline. Known all over the world as the finest and most scenic beaches in India, they are Kerala’s major tourist attractions. The most famous beaches of Kerala that have won hearts of its visitors again and again are the Kovalam Beach, Varkala Beach, Sankhumugham Beach and Thirumullavaram Beach. Kovalam is the most popular of all, though not the only one to offer a long coastline lined with neatly lined swaying coconut groves, an occasional fishing hamlet and quietude that offers retrieve from the din of the city.

The shoreline of Kerala is about 600 km long sand features natural harbors, lagoons and sheltered coves. A pleasant tropical sun adds to the enchantment of these charming beaches. Kovalam consists of three adjacent crescent beaches while the Varkala Beach has a beautiful seaside resort and spa but is better known as an important Hindu pilgrimage centre. The 2000-year-old Sree Janardhana Swamy Temple and the Nature Care Centre are the two highlights here. Shanghumugham Beach is the best place for the sunset viewers while the pier of the Alappuzha Beach extending out into the sea here is said to be about 140 years old. Cherai Beach is ideal for swimming. Various other beaches are waiting to be explored in Kerala.

Kovalam Beach

Kovalam is a small village on the shores of Kerala on the Malabar Coast and is known for its fabulous beaches. The wors ‘Kovalam’ means a grove of coconut trees and it is the swaying coconut trees that give such a ravishing look to this popular beach hangout. Secluded and peaceful bays make it the best destination for a relaxed beach holiday. The blue waters of the Arabian Sea, the miles and miles of soft white sands, the sturdy palms and the rocky peninsular surroundings make it a dream destination for any beach lover. A sheltered natural bay with gentle waves makes it a hotspot for aquatic sports and beach activities such as swimming and bathing in the sea or giving your body a beautiful tan in the pleasant tropical sun.

Alappuzha Beach

Besides the backwaters, Alappuzha beach is one of the most popular destinations of Alleppey featuring a 140-year-old pier protruding into the sea here. Also known by the name of Alleppey, the town of Alappuzha has Arabian Sea on the west and a vast network of lakes, lagoons and several freshwater rivers that lend it immense natural beauty. Often known as the ‘Venice of the East’, this Backwater city is the preferred home of many aerial and terrestrial wildlife species. It has also enjoyed a special status in the maritime history of Kerala. Besides the backwaters, it is famous for its boat races, traditional houseboat cruises, marine Products and coir Industry. There are entertainment facilities at the Vijaya Beach Park along with an old lighthouse nearby.

Varkala Beach

High cliffs bordering a beautiful beach and sporting rich mineral springs are the highlights of Varkala Beach. Besides its beach, Varkala is also known as an important Hindu pilgrimage centre that houses the 2000 year old Janardana Swamy Temple. Yet another highlight of the place is the Nature Centre here. The rich mineral springs of Varkala are said to have medicinal value and healing abilities. The waters of the Varkala beach are considered sacred and a dip in these waters are said to free the body and the soul of all the sins. Thus is it also known as ‘Papanashini’ (Destroyer of Sins).

Kappad Beach

16 km from Kozhikode, Kerala, the historic beach of Kappakadavu is the place where Vasco da Gama landed 27th of May, 1498 with 170 men in three vessels and was credited with discovering a sea route to India. The rock-studded Kappad beach is known for the sprawling rock that protruding into the sea with an 800-year-old temple on its top. A solitary pillar stands here as a testimony to Vaso da Gama’s success as testified by the inscription on it which says, ‘Vasco da Gama landed here, Kappakadavu, in the year 1498’. The sea is calm here and it is one of the most charming of Kerala’s beaches. Kappad beach is calm and serene dotted with country fishing boats.

Bekal Beach

2 km from Kovalam, the sunset viewpoint is one of the major attractions of Bekal Beach. Also known as Vizhinjam, the rulers of the area had commercial ties with the Europeans, Portuguese and Dutch during the pre-colonial days. The ancient port town has a rich heritage as testified by the ruins of rock-cut temples that have been excavated here. Offering a slice of Kerala’s coastal life, one can see a number of fishing boats here as the fishermen go about their work of catching fish and marketing them, the bellowing sea waves and a beautiful sun set are the highlights of the beach today.