Kovalam Beach

Kovalam Beach : Kovalam is a small village on the shores of Kerala on the Malabar Coast and is known for its fabulous beaches. The wors ‘Kovalam’ means a grove of coconut trees and it is the swaying coconut trees that give such a ravishing look to this popular beach hangout. Secluded and peaceful bays make it the best destination for a relaxed beach holiday. The blue waters of the Arabian Sea, the miles and miles of soft white sands, the sturdy palms and the rocky peninsular surroundings make it a dream destination for any beach lover. A sheltered natural bay with gentle waves makes it a hotspot for aquatic sports and beach activities such as swimming and bathing in the sea or giving your body a beautiful tan in the pleasant tropical sun. One may also explore the handicrafts, jewellery and cloth shops along the waterfront and taste the delicious seafood including lobsters at the beachside restaurants.

Most popular of the three crescent-shaped beaches of Kovalam is the southernmost Lighthouse Beach. One can visit the Vizhinzam mosque nearby. The middle beach known as ‘Hawah’ acts as a base for the local fisherman while the northern ‘Samudra’ beach still clings to the old-world charm with a few rudimentary wooden fishing vessels. One can see the classical Kathakali dance performance in the evening on the beach. Kovalam has gained much popularity with the international tourists not only as a beach resort but also as a significant Yoga and health center offering Ayurvedic massages, famous Kerala oil baths and short courses on Yogic and meditation exercises that one can enroll in.