Varkala Beach

Varkala Beach : High cliffs bordering a beautiful beach and sporting rich mineral springs are the highlights of Varkala Beach. Besides its beach, Varkala is also known as an important Hindu pilgrimage centre that houses the 2000 year old Janardana Swamy Temple. Yet another highlight of the place is the Nature Centre here. The rich mineral springs of Varkala are said to have medicinal value and healing abilities. The waters of the Varkala beach are considered sacred and a dip in these waters are said to free the body and the soul of all the sins. Thus is it also known as ‘Papanashini’ (Destroyer of Sins). In the Malayalam month of ‘Karkidakam’, on the new moon day at the break of dawn, it is customary for people of Kerala to offer ‘Vavu Bali’, a ritual at the beach that is said to relieve the souls of their ancestors.

42 km from Thiruvananthapuram or Trivandrum, Varkala spa is the best spot along Kerala coast for watching sunset. The Varkala sands offer a perfect venue for the amalgamation of diverse cultures as people from all over the state come here to pay their homage to the deities Ayyappan and Hanuman of the Janardan Temple situated atop the hill. The temple has earned the name of ‘Southern Kasi’ because of its sanctity. Besides the beautiful beach, the old-age temple and the wonderful mineral water springs, one should also visit the Sivagiri Mutt here. Easily accessible, the beach is just 3 km from the ralway station. Varkala is a pleasant and convenient place for overnight stay while on your trip to Alappuzha, Kollam or Thiruvananthapuram.