Koyikkal Palace

Koyikkal Palace : 18 km from Trivandrum, Koyikkal Palace is an ancient palace dating back to the 15th century. Near the Pnmudi railway station, the palace is easily accessible and is noted in the history of Kerala as the official residence of Perakom Thavazhi, the maternal lineage that is unique to the male-dominated culture of India at most of the places. It once belonged to the Umayamma Rani of the Venad royal family who is said to have ruled the land for seven years from 1677 to 1684. Built in ‘Nalukettu’, the traditional Kerala mansion style of architecture, this two-storeyed building with slanting gabled roofs now houses two museums set up by the Department of Archaeology. The Folklore Museum set up in 1922 houses quaint musical instruments, occupational implements, household utensils and models of folk arts of the native origin.

The exhibits of the Folklore Museum include some of the most rare items such as ‘Chandravalayam’, a small percussion instrument used to accompany the recitation of ballad of ‘Ramakathappattu’ (the story of Lord Rama)’, ‘Nanthuni’, a wooden stringed musical instrument that accompanies the songs of ‘Onappattu’ and ‘Nanthunippattu’ during Onam, ‘Thaliyola’ or old manuscripts, ‘Chilambu’, anklet of Umayamma Rani and Maravuri, dress material made of the bark of trees. The Numismatics Museum is only one of its kind in the entire state of Kerala and displays rare and historically valuable coins from different parts of the world belonging to different eras that are a vestige of the trade relation of the State with the different countries.