Thekkady Wildlife

Thekkady Wildlife : Situated in the dense tropical evergreen and deciduous forests, Thekkady Bird Sanctuary has some grassland patches too. A whole different realm of avian world, this place is said to be the home of more than 500 species of colorful avian fauna. Dr. Salim Ali, the renowned ornithologist, designed the sanctuary as a peninsular land covered with deciduous forests and plantation of rosewood, teak and other valuable trees and sprawling across an area of 25 sq km. Also known as Thatekkad Bird Sanctuary, it houses rare birds like the Crimson-Throated Barbets, Bee-eaters, Sunbirds, Shrikes, Blackwinged Kites and commonly-seen Night Herons. The first love of the birds and the nature lovers alike, it offers picturesque landscapes with rivers flowing that are rich in fish-life. However, these rivers remain shallow for most of the year.

Bombay History Society has enlisted more than 253 species here apart from a long list of birds that are yet to be identified. Gray Jungle Fowls, Falcons, Hornbills and Blackbirds can be frequently spotted along with more prominent bird species such as Indian Rollers, Cuckoos, Common Snipes, Pheasants, Jungle Nightjars, Kites, Grey Drongos, Malabar Tros, Woodpeckers, Large Pied Wagtails, Baya Sparrows, Grey Jungle Fowls, Hill Mynas, Robins, Jungle Babblers, Sundries and Darters. Reptiles and some species of terrestrial wildlife here have also found a home here along with the rare bird species such as Ceylon Frog-mouths, Rose Billed Rollers, Crimson-throated Barbers, Bee-eaters, Shrikes, Fairy Blue Grey-headed Fishing Eagles, Black Winged Kites, Nightherons, Grey Hoi and Malabar Hornbills.