Konark Weather

Konark Weather – Its proximity to the sea makes Konark experience a climate milder than other cities of Orissa. Though extremely hot, the summer at Konark is less hot than other cities. With a maximum temperature going as high as 42° C, summer at Konark observes a least temperature of about 27° C. Lasting from March to July, the summers at Konark are followed by Monsoon that brings a heavy rainfall along with it and lasts from July to September. Konark observes a considerable 152 cm as an annual average rainfall.

Stretching from October to February, the temperature in winter varies from a maximum of 25° C to a minimum of 8° C. Owing to its pleasant weather, Konark can though be visited all round the year yet the period from October to March remains to be the best for visiting the city.

Konark Weather Information
Average rainfall 15234 mm (July-September)
Climate in Cuttack Average Summer Max 43° C, and
Winter min 10.6° C
Best time to visit Cuttack Between October to March