Sikkim Culture

Culture of Sikkim – The people of Sikkim are very warm, friendly and sweet. They celebrate even the small festivals with equal love and devotion. Traditional music and dance forms an important of the local festival and celebration in Sikkim. People of various communities live together in Sikkim still maintaining a unique identity of there traditional religion. There are various other languages spoken in Sikkim like Hindi and English apart from traditional Sikkimese language. Know more about culture of Sikkim here.

Archery in Sikkim : A popular sport of the Sikkimese, archery is traditionally, played after the harvests. This was the unique way for the villagers to assemble at a place and enjoy during the period of inactivity. This ancient sport of the region has seen a recent revival to rejuvenate the cultural identity of the region.

Cuisine of Sikkim : The food pattern in Sikkim is not limited to either vegetarian or non vegetarian as both are easily available here. One can relish Indian, Tibetan and Chinese cuisines at Sikkim with a very limited range of continental cuisine also available. A wide array of local fare is available in Sikkim that proves to be a gourmet’s real delight. Traditional Momos and Thukpa are found everywhere and taste great.

Dances of Sikkim : With the total, population of Sikkim categorized into three major groups namely the Lepchas, Bhutias and the Nepalis; the state automatically becomes a multicultural one. Each of this community has its own language, culture and dances.

Archery in Sikkim

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Cuisine of Sikkim

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Dances of Sikkim

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