Best Time to Visit Gangtok

Best Time to Visit Sikkim – Gangtok offers pleasant weather conditions to tourist but it’s important to know the main tourist season before visiting there. One can visit Gangtok between October to mid-December as the weather remains calm and pleasant between this months. You can explore clear views of the high mountains and deep valleys during this season. The days remain clear and best views of the Himalayas are guaranteed during this season. However, the months of March to May are also good time to visit Gangtok. This is the time for many festivals and cultural celebrations take place in Gangtok, Sikkim. A visit to Gangtok during this period offers majestic view of the high mountains.

If you are a adventure lover, then you can visit Gangtok in winter months from mid-December to early March. You will experience Snowfall along with heavy cold winds. Some of the tourist areas are closed in winters due to bad weather and road conditions. So it’s advisable not to visit Gangtok during the winter months. The season between October to mid-December is considered best season to visit Gangtok.