Yuksom in Sikkim РA place where the three learned Lamas of Sikkim have been believed to have sanctified the first Chogyal in 1641 AD is known as Yuksom. Previously the capital of Sikkim, it has come to be revered as a sacred place by the locals in due course of time.

Located at a mere distance of 32 km from the famous Pemayangtse Monastery, Yuksom is well connected to all the other parts of the state by road. A short walk from Yuksom will take one to the archeological ruins of Chogyals and to Dubdi Monastery, the oldest one in Sikkim. The region is inhabited by a diverse group of people. Ethnic tribes including Lepchas, the natives of Sikkim, Bhutias, the Tibetan residents residing here since time immemorial and Nepalis as well as Tibetan refugees have all found shelter in this culturally and historically rich area.

Majority of the residents at Yuksom are engaged in traditional agriculture to earn their livelihood. Some of them have though ventured into tourism activities recently. A wide array of comfortable accommodations is available in Yuksom for both a long and short stay that will be really easy on your pocket.