Top 10 Rowdy Places in India

Which place do you think is the loudest in India? but according to my experience some places might be Rowdy Places in India. Some of you might call the most obvious places like Delhi and Mumbai the noisiest places in India. However, you may not know that Surat is currently a bustling place in India. The crime rate in cities is skyrocketing and it is probably the most dangerous place to live in India today.

Top 10 Rowdy Places in India


Delhi is the noisiest place in India, no surprise. The crime rate in the Indian capital city is very high and continues to increase despite the many promises of the government and law enforcement agencies. It is considered one of the most dangerous places in the world to live in.

2- Chennai

Chennai, the growth center of many startups and startups, is the second largest place in India. You may have heard people appreciate the friendly nature of Chennai residents, but you don’t know the dark reality. Chennai is one of the most unsafe and dangerous places to live in India year after year.

3- Ahmadabad

The world’s largest cricket stadium is in Ahmedabad, and the city has been declared a tourist paradise by the government. But did you know that Ahmedabad is one of the noisiest places in India? This year the crime rate in Mumbai has been surpassed.


Mumbai – the city of dreams, is also a city of many crimes and illegal activities. While some people find the key to their success in this city, others fall into deep, hollow dungeons, turning them into rampaging people. In Indian cities, people get grumpy and Mumbai is a prime example.

5- Letters

Ranked 5th on the list of noisiest places in India, Surat in Gujarat is a paradise for big businessmen. However, Surat society is divided into many sections, and most of these sections are involved in crime. Currently one of the most dangerous places in India.

6- Pune

Now there is a significant difference between the crime rates in Pune and Surat but Pune is still not a safe place to live in India. It is one of the most crowded places in India despite being a small city with a small population compared to other big cities in India.

7- Bangalore

Bangalore’s name has changed over the years, but the city’s crime rate has not changed at all. The name change didn’t work out too well in this crime-ridden city. This is certainly a noisy place in India that you don’t want to be traveling alone.

8- Jaipur

The pink city of Jaipur is renowned for its splendor, extraordinary culinary delights and culture. However, those who know a thing or two about law and order also consider Jaipur to be notorious for its crimes. As a tourist, you probably won’t find fault with the city’s hospitality, but if you do decide to stay here, think twice.

9- Hyderabad

The city which is famous for its delicious Chicken Biryani and its beautiful and vibrant culture has a serious crime which cannot be ignored. The worrying thing about Hyderabad’s plight is the rising crime rate here, which certainly makes it an attractive place to visit in India.

10- Calcutta

You may have enjoyed delicious Bengali sweets like Rasmalai and Rabri in nearby shops and you may be thinking of visiting the capital city of West Bengal someday. However, it is best to keep your guard up while visiting Kolkata as it is a noisy place in India with many dangers lurking in the shadows.

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